All is Love kicked off SSDPP Thursday Cultural Movie Nights


If a modern-day Cinderella meets Prince Charming sort of storyline can no longer grab your attention too much, what about rewrapping this story with Dutch cultural context, and how does this sound if there is a movie presenter who comes from this very country who is ready to give a brief presentation about the Dutch cultural stereotypes and de-mystified your questions in and beyond the movie about the Netherlands. Drugs, gay marriage, just speak out the curiosities on your mind.

On 14 March 2013, Ms. Mette Bekius brought nearly 30 international students, Chinese students and faculty members a lovely night by presenting the movie Alles is Liefde, or roughly translated as All is Love in English from her home country on the 1st of Thursday Cultural Movie Nights. The very cultural event is launched by the School of Social Development and Public Policy starting the spring semester 2013, to build a cultural platform for not only the school’s international students who came from 11 different countries, but students all around Beijing Normal University to learn about each other’s cultures better through, simply, movie watching and sharing.

The Dutch romantic comedy set in beautiful Amsterdam. In this film several romantic stories (all interpreted by famous Dutch actors!) intertwine around the theme of ‘Sinterklaas’, a typically Dutch family holiday celebrated on the 5th of December in a way similar to Christmas in other Western countries.

After the movie, presenter of the night Ms. Mette Bekius answered the questions from the audience on the following subjects:
 What’s the difference between Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus?
 Gay Marriage / Marriage in the Netherlands?
 Royalties in the Netherlands.
 Etc.

If you’re interested in getting to know more cultures around the world through enjoying a good movie, why not join us next Thursday (March 28, 2013) in Room 2026 of New Main Building.

Ms. Nova Doloksaribu from Indonesia will introduce the movie Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops). Check out more information about the movie from the following website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laskar_Pelangi.

(Article & Photo by Yang Tingting, international programs coordinator of the School of Social Development and Public Policy)

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