SSDPP Christmas Party a Huge Success


More than 30 SSDPP students and faculty members had a great time during the school’s annual Christmas Party on December 23rd, 2013.

A Christmas tree decked with colorful decorations, giant snowflakes dangling in the hallway, sparking lights, soothing music, candles, plus a hyper-excited Santa Clause embodied by our very own SSDPP student, all combined to create the perfect Christmas atmosphere on the 20th floor of BNU’s New Main Building. Many were surprised that this place for study could be transformed into such a fabulous party location with only a bit of creativity.

Students, professors and friends enjoyed the intimate get-together over drinks, music, gifts, games, and food.

Worth mentioning is that the mouth-watering food provided at the party was completely prepared by the foreign students of SSDPP. They spent hours in their kitchens producing the most authentic festival food/drinks from their home nations. For those who didn’t have the chance to get a bite, here is your chance to feast your eyes.

2013 SSDPP Christmas Menu:
- Bruschetta Trio (Appetizer from Italy/by Nick Char & Giulia Cuini) 
- Scaloppine with cream cheese and almonds(from Italy/ by Elisabetta Baldassini )
- Chicken Curry (from Nepal and Indonesia/ by Sailesh Karmacharya)
- Indian Pickle Meat(from Pakistan/by Usman Muhammad)
- Glühwein (a Mulled Wine Germans only drink around Christmas/by Tobias Ross& Daniel Hockenberry)
- ……

Thanks to all the students and professors who came out to celebrate the holidays together!

Special thanks go to Gina, Tope, Alessia and Sidik, our incredible Student Union Board, for working so hard to make this Christmas celebration a reality and success!

Thanks also go to Nicholas, Giulia, Elisabetta, Tobi, Usman, Sailesh, Rashed, Laurelle, Mavis, Mitch, Sidik, and others who fed us so well with self-made delicious food and drinks.

Thanks to our professors who came with their families and children! Your participation made us feel more at home on such a festive occasion. The thanks list goes on and on…

Last but not least, SSDPP wishes everybody a more fun and fruitful 2014!

[Article and photo by Yang Tingting]

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