Team SSDPP participated 10th BNU Football Competition




Team SSDPP participated the 10th Football Competition organized by BNU Graduate Student Union in the fall of 2013. With much regret, the team wasn’t able to enter the finals with the scores of 0:3, 0:3, 1:1, 2:1 against respectively Department of Physics, School of Geography, College of Chemistry and School of Marxism.


SSDPP Football Team is formed by its Chinese and international students. They are Aristides Kwizela, Frank Kayange, Sailesh Karma, Randall Makor, Tobias Ross, Ma Kun, Pi Xingcan, Zhang Rendao, Lu Haijian, Wang Fugang, Li Yajun, Chen Ke, Wang Chao, Dai Chun, Zhao Cai and Zhang Liu.


Our sincere thanks go to those SSDPP footballers for their participation.










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